Extending roll lifecycles through modernizations (webinar)

Jul 6, 2021

The best solutions in the pulp & paper industry come from partnerships and the collaboration between manufacturers and mill personnel. A Valmet webinar presented July 14th, 2021 describes how mills can work with Valmet to address their machine line process needs through targeted new products as part of Valmet's "beta process." 

Follow this link to view the webinar.

In this webinar, we:

  • Explain the influence real machine processes have on R&D
  • Walk you through the beta process using a real example
  • Explain how beta products influence your roll life cycle management
  • Discuss some new mechanical modernizations and roll covers

Roll cover and modernization developmentWebinar presenters David Williams and Paul Delicati discuss Valmet's beta process of product development which ensures that customer roll lifecycles are maximized and roll effectiveness is maintained and improved. Valmet R&D relies on close communication and partnering with customers as part of the four-stage process when developing new roll covers and mechanical roll upgrades. Without customer involvement, there can be no true advances in the industry.

Here's an example of the type of material which is covered in the webinar:

The Valmet 4-stage beta process

New product development typically starts with questions from the field, such as, "We are losing the sheet edge at the pickup roll after nine months. The clothing reps are saying it's the roll. What can we do?" After defining the technical and market need, the four steps (or gates) in the beta process are undertaken as follows:

Gate 1: development work completed by R&D

  • Takes place in Rautpohja
  • Engineering completed
  • Manufacturing and operating instructions developed

Gate 2: test roll constructed or covered

  • Can take place regionally depending on needs

Gate 3: Production roll manufactured

  • Offered at discounted price with standard warranties

Gate 4: Product launched

  • Typically takes place after 2-3 years of monitoring field performance of beta covers

Example roll modernization

An example of a roll modernization product which has gone entirely through the 4-stage beta process is the Valmet Suction Roll Upgrade Edge Blow. It is one of a number of products which will be reviewed in the webinar - each product having a problem statement, solutions, benefits and current phase in the development process.

Edge Blow upgrade provides sharp trim edgeProduct definition

Valmet Suction Roll Upgrade Edge Blow

Problem statement

On paper and board machines, if the ribbon from outside the trim squirt cut follows the pickup felt, it causes breaks in one of two mechanisms. It is immediate, as the tail follows the sheet. Or it can take time as the felt edge becomes dirty and eventually the sheet falls off.


The edge deckle can be designed with an air fitting that provides a positive pressure on the deckle pushing the ribbon into the couch pit. This keeps the tail and sheet split and the fabric clean.


Extends roll life cycle with reduced wet end breaks due to busted edges.

Current phase

Completed the beta phases, released as a product for five+ years.

For more information on roll covers, roll upgrades, and Valmet's beta process, view the webinar and contact your Valmet representative.