Improving safety through a paper machine framework replacement.

May 31, 2024

Safety is the number one priority at almost any board and paper mill. At Cenpa mill, safety was further improved through replacing the worn paper machine framework during the annual shutdown in 2023.

Cenpa SAS paper mill is located in Schweighouse-sur-Moder in France. It is specialized in the production of grey, brown and white core board made of recycled wastepaper. The mill’s current capacity is around 50 000 tonnes per year, but it plans to further increase its production through adapting to the changing market environment and flexible customer service. 

Dimitri Mager, Managing Director of Cenpa believes in strong partnerships. Therefore, thanks to a successful project delivered by Valmet previously, Cenpa decided to rely on Valmet’s expertise in a recent safety improvement. He commented:

We find Valmeteers easy to communicate with, which is extremely valuable in projects with tight schedules. We also appreciate Valmet’s expertise in papermaking – they have strong knowledge of the mill’s processes and therefore understand our needs and challenges.

Besides improving safety at the mill site, the project is a good example of crucial preventive maintenance, as it diminishes the risk of unplanned production breaks significantly.


Out-of-the-box thinking leads to success 

To learn more about the production line PM5’s current condition, Valmet conducted a corrosion study first. Based on the results, a rebuild plan was developed together with Cenpa. The actual work was carried out in two phases. The most critical elements of the second press were immediately replaced during a one-week shutdown in winter 2022. During the longer annual shutdown in summer 2023, third press and pre-dryer framework elements were replaced, the dryer hood was partially rebuilt.

Thierry Adam, Technical Director at Cenpa, commented:

We are very satisfied with Valmet’s ability to deliver the project with good quality and within the tight timeframes of our regular shutdowns. It is also worth mentioning, that they were very determined to manage the replacement of the beams without having to lift the cylinders completely out of the machine hall, therefore strongly contributing to the timely completion of the project.

Thierry Adam, Technical Director and Dimitri Mager, Managing Director at Cenpa.


Valmet serves board and paper machines regardless of their size

Valmet was responsible for equipment delivery as well as for disassembly and assembly works. 
“At Valmet, we appreciate the trust Cenpa mill showed by selecting us to conduct this challenging framework replacement installation. Despite the complex cylinder configuration, the work was completed successfully in good cooperation with the customer. I hope this project will be a good reference of Valmet’s capability and willingness to serve all paper machines regardless their size,” says Khalid El Gersifi, Mill Sales Manager at Valmet.