Taking full advantage of the fiber properties information

Dec 15, 2020

Consistent and stable fiber furnish quality is one of the key elements when paper, board, and tissue producers target to have uniform end product quality, cost savings, and maximized production. Real-time information is needed to achieve stable fiber furnish quality.

Valmet MAP Q offers real-time fiber furnish quality information

Manual laboratory measurements offer only a partial image of the overall situation. In a laboratory, it is only possible to see long-term changes in the process which makes it challenging to react on time. An online measurement, like Valmet Fiber Furnish Analyzer (Valmet MAP Q), provides real-time fiber and freeness information and makes sure that changes in the process are not missed. Information provided by the analyzer, end quality, and process measurements can be combined with comprehensive solutions and sophisticated data analysis tools offered by Valmet’s experts.

Fiber furnish information needed for stability

Freeness is a good and widely used parameter. By understanding fiber properties, it is possible to understand changes in freeness and paper strength.

When consistent strength is achieved, paper and board producers can run lower basis weights and tolerate lower quality of recycled furnish with the optimum fiber blend consuming the right amount of energy. With more cost-effective furnish and continuously controlled process, a significant return on investment is possible. Savings in energy and raw materials help to improve the sustainability of the mill.

Online analyzer enables automatic control

For over 40 years, Valmet’s fiber analyzer has been an important link in paper and board production with over 300 units delivered globally. Valmet MAP Q measures both freeness and fiber properties accurately and sets the foundation for efficient fiber furnish quality management. With Valmet’s comprehensive technology, process, and automation knowledge, there is a wide range of solutions from refiners and customized refiner segment patterns to fiber analysis, refining automation, and a variety of services.

Valmet Fiber Furnish Analyzer offers a reliable and trustworthy solution for keeping the production on target 24/7. With precise measurements of fiber properties and intelligent controls, the whole process from pulp to paper can be optimized.

Utilizing the data

The full benefits of fiber furnish information can be gained when the analyzer data is combined with process data and other paper or board quality measurements. The data enables monitoring, manual control, automatic stabilizing controls, optimizers, and predictive quality models – with modern Valmet Industrial tools.