Accurate consistency measurement helps Panjapol Paper Industry to meet their quality targets

Mar 31, 2021

Panjapol Pulp and Paper Industry (PPI), a well-respected kraft paper manufacturer in Thailand, continues to rely on Valmet’s consistency measurement technology. They recently replaced an old MCAi consistency analyzer with a new fourth generation Valmet Microwave Consistency Measurement (Valmet MCA) utilizing the latest technology. Reliable and accurate consistency measurement is a must for producing high-quality kraft paper, the primary raw material in the manufacturing of corrugated containers.

Valmet Microwave Consistency Measurement at Panjapol Paper Industry

Founded in 1987, Panjapol Pulp and Paper Industry is one of the leading kraft paper producers in Thailand. The company has three plyboard machines with a production capacity of 18 000 tons per month. The mill produces linerboard and corrugated medium with high quality targets.

“We have used Valmet’s consistency measurement technology for a long time, and we value its accuracy and reliability. As the measurement requires no maintenance, and the service support from Valmet has always been excellent, we decided to replace our old measurement with the latest technology,” says Mr. Luesalid Satsara, Instrument Manager, Panjapol Pulp and Paper Industry.

Aiming for high quality

PPI always strives to find new technology to improve product quality and increase the production rate. They use a challenging combination of old corrugated container (OCC) and virgin fibers and have high quality targets. As they also change the grade relatively often, a microwave consistency measurement offers the best accuracy for controlling the paper quality.

In the table, the monitoring results after calibration show that the new Valmet MCA works reliably in PPI’s demanding and challenging process application.


Accurate and reliable consistency measurement

Valmet’s knowledge and expertise provide value for the customer. From the wide measurement portfolio, they can choose the solution that best suits their needs. PPI has a long history of using Valmet’s microwave measurements, and they continue to trust the microwave technology for its accuracy and reliability.

Valmet Microwave Consistency Measurement measures total consistency of the pulp process stream independent of fiber length, freeness, wood species or blend, and is not affected by flow rate, brightness, or color. This enables better control for more efficient production, improved quality and cost savings with fewer process upsets and less off grade product. Valmet MCA offers a wide consistency range from 0 to 16 Cs% for different applications in the pulp and paper industry. The sensor is simple to install and requires no regular maintenance.