Neles™ modular seat supported ball valve, series X

Improving the customer process reliability, safety and efficiency

Neles series X modular ball valve, incorporates robust stem to ball connection in seat supported models. Application based seat selection assures valves are capable of delivering long lasting tightness. Valve series meets modern industry requirements concerning safety and emissions.

Easy to maintain construction

Trouble free operation even in most demanding applications like abrasive, solids containing fluids

Increased gas noise attenuation with Neles Q2-trim as option


Low emissions according to ISO 15848


  • 2-piece off-center split body, solid circular body joint gaskets
  • Anti-blowout stem
  • Robust stem to ball connection both in trunnion and seat supported ball models
  • Application based seat selection options, metal-to-metal and soft seats
  • Neles Q-trim™ technology for control applications, anti-cavitation and noise attenuation
  • Low emissions according to ISO 15848
  • Fire safe certified according to API 607
  • SIL 3 certified
  • High Cv, including noise attenuation trims, which are designed self-flushing
  • High, long lasting tightness
  • Part modularity, reduced parts inventory for servicing
  • Wide material selection for application specific needs


  • Oil and gas production
  • Chemical and petrochemical plants
  • Power plants
  • Liquids, gas and steam
  • High temperature service
  • Cryogenic service
  • Hydrocarbons
  • Catalyst handling
  • Solids handling
  • Polymers
  • Control and tight shut-off applications
  • High cycling
  • Emergeny applications ESD/ESV
  • LNG
  • Natural gas


Construction Flanged, seat supported, full and reduced bore ball valve
Size range DN 25 – 200 / NPS 1” – 8” 
Face to face ASME B16.10
Design standard ASME B16.34, API 608
Pressure ratings EN PN 10 - 100, ASME 150 - 600
Temperature range -200 °C … +600 °C / -320°F … +1110 °F