Neles™ ceramic ball valve, series E

Fully ceramic flow path control valve for highly erosive applications

Neles series E ball control valves are designed to meet the most severe erosive service requirements of wide range of industrial applications in pulp & paper, petro-chemical, refining and related industries. E series valves using new generation ceramic material lined flow path and trim parts are suitable for highly abrasive rotary control applications. Ceramic valves enable to extend the plant process availability and lower the maintenance costs.

Increased service life, no easily wearing metallic parts in flow path

Capable of operating also in extended temperatures

Reduced number of leakage paths due to body design

Low emissions


  • Completely ceramic flow path, no metallic components
  • Material designed to withstand thermal shocks
  • Robust backlash free ball to stem connection, stainless steel stem
  • Lug and wafer body type options
  • One piece body
  • Low Cv trim options for small capacity applications
  • Live loaded packing




Construction Ceramic flow path, reduced port, wafer & lugged, control ball valve
Size range

DN 25 - 100 / 1" - 4" (wafer, E2)

  DN 25 - 200 / 1" - 8" (lugged, E6)
Body materials: Stainless steel / Magnesia,
partially stabilized Zirconia (Mg-PS2)
Metal Matrix Composite (MMC)
Pressure ratings PN 10 - 40 / ASME 150 - 300
Temperature range -40 to +450 °C / -40 to +840 °F