Safer and more effective doctoring

Doctoring safety

While doctors are designed as safely as possible, there are still crushing, cutting, heat and high-pressure fluid potential hazards. Proper procedures and doctor-specific safety equipment will mitigate these hazards.

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Solutions to common doctoring problems

Though the blade loading tube is the most common failure point, blade chopping, loading sequencing, kinked pressure plates, faulty and misaligned pivot brackets and pivot rods can also be problematic.

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Valmet Belt Roll Doctor reduces press moisture

An uncoated freesheet machine in the USA decreased press moisture after installing a Valmet Belt Roll Doctor on their Valmet Sym Nip Roll. The installation went well and also included a lubricating shower, a new Valmet Doctor Holder Fit blade holder on the 1st press Valmet SymZL Shoe Press roll and Valmet Doctor Blade Poly.

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99% of all doctoring positions can be improved

Improvements in doctoring come from a variety of sources. It is not only the doctor blades, it is the overall approach. With Valmet’s optimized doctoring solutions paper, board and tissue producers achieve better runnability, efficient dewatering, and energy and doctoring cost savings. Valmet offers a complete portfolio of high-quality doctor blades, holders and accessories with best cost-competitiveness and expert support close to customers to improve the performance of their production process.

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