It’s not only the doctor blades, it’s the overall approach

Nov 27, 2015

Valmet’s renewed doctoring portfolio focuses on optimizing the papermaking process by lowering production and maintenance costs as well as improving cleanliness.

“Furthermore, boardmakers have to tackle cleanliness issues caused by the
furnish base. Environmental regulations are getting stricter, and the use of fresh water is being minimized, making cleanliness even more of an issue,” says Kare Väisänen, Global Technology Manager for Paper Process Parts at Valmet. “We are responding to these challenges by renewing our doctoring portfolio. We want to help mills lower their production and maintenance costs and improve their cleanliness.”

Best raw materials at a competitive price

The price of doctor blades is often the only criterion for choosing a supplier. This is why Valmet is now introducing a new range of cost-effective Valmet Doctor Blade Carbon VT* blades.

“Our novel production method lets us use the best raw materials but keep the price competitive. Doctor blade carbon VT products are available with different carbon contents with superior performance for positions throughout paper and board making lines,” Väisänen points out.

Major impact on lower energy costs

The renewed portfolio includes blades with low friction featuring a short payback time. For example, 10% savings in dryer sectional drive power means free blades in the dryer section.

Low friction is not the only way to save energy. Dewatering suction rolls, grooved press rolls and belts can often be improved through doctoring with the new solutions. According to Väisänen, typically about a 0.5% increase in dry content after press can be achieved, resulting in lower energy consumption
in the dryer section or increased production.

New levels of cleanliness and reliability

All mills want to reduce the number of web breaks and unplanned shutdowns. With some grades, blades do not last throughout a normal shutdown interval. Other grades have cleanliness issues in the dryer, causing a constant need for cleaning. “By choosing Valmet’s durable, high-performance products,
you can significantly reduce downtime,” Väisänen adds.

To ensure trouble-free runnability, blade holders need to be in good condition. They have a major impact on how the blades conform to the doctored surface and how well they maintain their doctoring efficiency. “Having the right type of holder in the right position reduces both the need for cleaning and maintenance and the time it takes.”

Less capital employed in stock

One important cost factor is the capital employed in stock, which can be reduced and rationalized by turning to Valmet for asset management services. With a consignment stock or other asset management model, mills can ensure continuous availability of precisely the products they need.

More than 10% savings in total costs

With Valmet’s new doctoring approach, it is possible to save more than 10% on the total doctoring-related costs.

“This is gained via superior products, jointly agreed and monitored KPI´s,
focusing not only on individual blades but the papermaking process and solving the bottlenecks on each line with the help of Valmet´s global and local specialist network,” Väisänen lists. “There are flexible agreement pricing models, and pricing can be based on results, not on the unit prices of products.”


*earlier known as ValTech