Optimum shape design for disc refiners

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Valmet offers over 140 Variable groove features with Optimum shape design for disc refiners in applications for kraft pulp, mechanical pulp and recycled fiber low consistency refining. Results indicate 10-20% energy savings with same or improved refining results.

For our customers, this development guarantees high quality segments to cover a wide range of refiners, improved end product quality and lower operational costs. Valmet works in close co-operation with our customers to tailor-made segments that match their needs.

Customer results: 10 – 20% higher compression strength for Birch NSSC

Stage: 1st stage LC-refining


Remove shives and increase strength properties at lower energy cost


The customer is looking to save energy without loosing refining results


Traditional segments were relaced with Variable grooves feature - Optimum shape design


Trial was run in parallel refiners

  • Lower CSF or lower energy consumption (SEC) and less difference between gaps with new design 25-30%
  • reduced shive content with new design 10-20"
  • higher compression strength with new design
LC case graph3.png
LC case graph1.png
LC case graph2.png

Patented performance features

Variable grooves

Forces pulp into disc gap

Micro bar

Enables significantly denser designs

Maximum flow

Pumping inlet bars - improved feed

Attack bar

For increased fiber cutting