Valmet Disk Refiner – DD 6000

A history of performance

High motor capacity

Patented tangential inlet

Increased energy efficiency

Valmet Disk Refiner DD 6000

Valmet Disk Refiner DD 6000 is the leading disk refiner in the industry, designed to produce stronger pulp with higher efficiency.

Built for performance, Valmet Disk Refiner – DD 6000 features the most advanced technology in disk refining in the pulp and paper industry. The DD 6000 is the fifth generation of Valmet’s proven DD® series disk refiners, offering 50% more capacity and unique design features that facilitate safer, easier maintenance.

Technology that drives performance

Valmet Disk Refiner DD 6000 introduced patented technology that optimized flow distribution and rotor centering to produce stronger pulp with lower supplied energy. Valmet Spline Technology, formerly known as Equa-Flo® technology, improves refining results and efficiency, while minimizing wear on machine parts. Also part of the design of Disk Refiner - DD 6000 is Valmet’s patented tangential inlet, a feature that maximizes refining capacity and extends the plate life of the refiner segments.

Designed for safe, easy maintenance.

Valmet Disk Refiner DD 6000 is engineered to keep your refining process up and running longer and more efficiently. This means an equipment design with durable components and unique features that enable easier maintenance to keep downtime at a minimum. Key features include:

  • Rotor removal arm for faster, safer plate changes
  • Refiner plate mounting option for faster plate installation
  • Removable, replaceable components such as actuators and rotating assemblies

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Refining options for every capacity

Optimized refining can be achieved at every level with DD® series disk refiners. Valmet Disk Refiner DD 6000 is available in six different size categories, providing the opportunity and flexibility for better performance across a wide range of refining applications.