The key to optimum parent roll control

The IntelliReel has a reliable and open structure which enables easy control over the reeling process. It is designed to provide precise, repeatable, efficient and safe paper winding. The IntelliReel operates with high efficiency, reaching optimal final product parameters.   At the end of the process, a uniform parent roll is obtained and ready for converting operations.

Controlled nip throughout the winding process

Minimized winding defects & sheet loses

Easy process control as well safe & minimized maintenance

Tailor made solution

The principle of building the optimum parent roll structure.  

The primary arms are equipped with a nip-relieving system that consists of hydraulic cylinders that counteract the weight of the spool and primary arm hook load. The purpose of nip relieving is to reduce the excessive weight of the spool and thus control the nip load between the spool and reel drum.  

As the spool travels down with the primary arms on the reel drum surface, the pressure in the nip relieving cylinders is automatically controlled to achieve the desired nip load at all primary arm angles. The position of the spool on the drum is detected by an inclinometer mounted inside of the front side primary arm. 

When the reel spool with the paper is transferred to the secondary arms, the reel automatically controls the transfer between the two sets of arms to avoid a potential double nip (controlled transfer).  

The winding process in secondary arms is controlled with hydraulic cylinders and uses an inclinometer and proportional valves to control the nip pressure. The inclinometer monitors the secondary arm position throughout the parent roll build and sends this information to the PLC/DCS for proper control of the hydraulic pressure. Operators have the ability to adjust the nip pressure level at any time and can select the nip start and end levels.  

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