Conductivity measurements for nuclear power plants

Valmet conductivity meters (formerly known as Kemotron) are designed to work in the reactor island of the nuclear power plant.

Valmet Conductivity meters are resistant up to 1.00E +05 Gy of radiation. From health and safety point of view Valmet conductivity meters are ideal in nuclear power because of the long life time and no need for maintenance.

Valmet Dual conductivity TCU has built-in cable compensation which enables up to 50 m sensor cables without loss of accuracy. The TCU can be installed behind radiation shields making operating the unit even safer. Two sensors can be used with one TCU.

Valmet conductivity meters are extensively used in Swedish nuclear power plants. Nuclear power has number of special requirements for equipment testing. Valmet offers service to do required tests in our production. 


Valmet Dual Conductivity Measurement Valmet Dual Conductivity Measurement 3200

Valmet Dual Conductivity Measurement - Rugged housing with front window of shatter-proof glass.


  • Cable compensation allows sensor cables up to 50m – without the loss of accuracy
  • 2 Measurement channels
  • Highly durable conductivity sensors
    • Standard sensors can measure up to 210 °C and 25 bar
    • Typical life time of up to 10 years
    • Automatic scaling compensation – no maintenance is required
  • 13 preprogrammed temperature compensations
    • Temperature compensation is up to 200 °C – Accurate results without expensive sample coolers.
  • Interchangeable sensors
    • The sensors are readily calibrated and the cell constant is stored in the sensor – Plug and play installations.

Any of the sensors can be calibrated from the keyboard.



  • No maintenance
  • Long life
  • Low installation costs




Pressure / Temperature

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Radiation resistant

10 bar /130 °C

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25 bar / 210 °C

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Halogen free

25 bar / 80 °C

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High temperature and pressure

50 bar /250  °C

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Reliable conductivity measurements at Fortum Hässelby

Hässelby has been using Kemotron since 1971 and are happy with the performance and long lifetime of Valmet Conductivity products.