Conductivity measurements for pharmaceutical applications

Valmet conductivity sensors are ideal for steaming in place (SIP) control. Our conductivity sensors are extremely resistant to rapid temperature changes thanks to unique design. We guarantee our conductivity sensor keeps on measuring accurately, year after year. We have installation that has measured five years - without need for calibration.

Valmet sensors are available with 3.1 material certificate, calibration certificate, surface roughness certificate and EHEDG certificate.

Valmet has a number of special sensors for water for injection (WFI)/ ultra-pure water (UPW) measurements. Our extremely reliable sensors make sure there are no un-scheduled production shut downs. All Valmet sensors pharmaceutical applications fulfill EHEDG requirements for material, surface roughness and steam cleaning.


Valmet Dual Conductivity Measurement

Valmet Dual Conductivity Measurement 3200


Rugged housing with front window of shatter-proof glass

Valmet Dual Conductivity Measurement 


  • Cable compensation allows sensor cables up to 50m – without the loss of accuracy
  • 2 Measurement channels 
  • Highly durable conductivity sensors
    • Standard sanitary sensors can measure up to 150 °C and 12 bar
    • Typical life time of up to 10 years
    • Automatic scaling compensation – no maintenance is required
    • Structure is designed to withstand fast temperature changes
  • 13 preprogrammed temperature compensations
    • Temperature compensation is up to 200 °C –Accurate results without expensive sample coolers.
    • Set your own compensation curve, reference temperature and compensation are adjustable. 
  • Interchangeable sensors
    • The sensors are readily calibrated and the cell constant is stored in the sensor –Plug and play installations.
    • Calibration, material (3.1), surface roughness and EHEDG certificates are available

Any of the sensors can be calibrated from the keyboard.



  • No maintenance
  • Long life
  • Low installation costs


EHEDG certified sensors


The following Valmet sanitary sensors have been EHEDG Type EL Class 1 certified. All wetted surfaces fulfill the hygienic requirement of surface roughness Ra ˂ 0,8 µm. The steel parts are made from AISI316L and plastic (Teflon) fulfills EU and FDA requirements on materials used in contact with food.  


The conductivity sensors have pressure rating of 12 bar at 150 °C. All Valmet conductivity products are designed to withstand fast temperature changes. The structure is very simple and all sensitive components are located far from the measurement head. Each sensor is heat treaded during production to make sure the changing temperature has no effect on sensor accuracy. 

Sensor type Connection size Typical application Data sheet 
4613 2 " SIP Click here
4613s 2 " Ultra pure water (WFI) Click here
4624 2,5 " SIP Click here
4624s 2,5 " Ultra pure water (WFI) Click here
4654 Varivent DN50 SIP Click here
4654s Varivent DN50 Ultra pure water (WFI) Click here
4683 1,5 " SIP Click here
4683s 1,5 " Ultra pure water (WFI) Click here


Portable conductivity analyzer

Valmet offers portable conductivity analyzer that is an ideal calibration tool on site. Our portable conductivity sensors come with integrated flow chamber which enables ultrapure water calibrations at highest precision. Valmet offers calibrations service for portable analyzers.


Valmet Portable Conductivity Measurement