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Valmet Sludge Dewatering Optimizer - Valmet SDO

Valmet Sludge Dewatering Optimizer - sludge dewatering control for wastewater treatment plants

Valmet Sludge Dewatering Optimizer (Valmet SDO) allows wastewater treatment plants to improve the control of its sludge dewatering process. With Valmet SDO the operators can minimize the solids amount in the centrate, while maximizing the solids content in the dry cake. With Valmet SDO a great deal of savings in the polymer usage and energy spending can be obtained, while continuously providing real time data. The transportation costs are lower when the dry cake solids are higher, as well as needing less support fuel at the incineration plant.

Advanced optimizing solution for sludge dewatering


24/7 optimization

  • Continuous real-time data
  • Automatic centrifuge operation without operator presence


  • Considerable savings
  • Lower transportation costs with drier cake
  • Polymer reduction
  • Reduction in laboratory sampling
  • Lower fuel consumption in incineration
  • Efficient energy consumption


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Superior solids measurement solutions for wastewater – test the animation and find more information by clicking the picture below

Valmet wastewater treatment process

Customer success stories

Valmet Sludge Dewatering Optimizer improves dewatering at Norske Skog

Valmet Sludge Dewatering Optimizer improves dewatering at Norske Skog

Norske Skog in Bruck an der Mur, Austria decided to purchase a Valmet Sludge Dewatering Optimizer (Valmet SDO) solution to stabilize the process and improve boiler operation. Integrated to the existing Valmet DNA distributed control system, the software package was accompanied by a Valmet Total Solids Measurement (Valmet TS) microwave transmitter to measure the total solids amount to sludge dewatering.

Valmet wastewater solutions save energy and chemicals

Valmet wastewater solutions save energy and chemicals

Tampere Water recently installed several Valmet total solids measurement devices and a sludge dewatering control package at its Viinikanlahti wastewater treatment plant in Tampere, Finland.