Health and safety

We work to provide safe and healthy workplaces for all. We do this by investing in a positive safety culture, collaborating with customers and partners and constantly improving our processes and practices towards our common goal of zero harm.

A culture where we take care of each other

We believe that safety is created every day in our interactions with each other and that is why we promote an open and continuous dialogue on HSE and focus on developing positive safety attitudes, skills and behaviors at all levels of the organization.

We expect everyone in our work community to take responsibility for a safe, healthy and well managed workplace wherever we operate by working safely, following HSE procedures, taking care of each other, participating in HSE activities and contributing to continuous improvement.

Managers at Valmet lead the way and HSE development is part of business management processes, performance targets as well as strategic and annual plans.

Active collaboration with our customers and contractors

We collaborate with customers, suppliers and contractors to secure safety on shared worksites. We believe that effective planning, commitment to common goals and rules, clear responsibilities, good coordination and open communication are key to making sure everyone goes home healthy and safe. We implement best practice HSE tools and activities on customer sites to ensure the safety of all.

Engaging our partners in an HSE discussion is a critical element of our contractor management approach. Every year, we hold several contractor HSE days where we align safety commitment and expectations with our key site suppliers. In addition to the Sustainable Supply Chain policy, we require suppliers and other business contacts to recognize and comply with our HSE Policy.


Key figures in HSE in 2021:

HSE walks, inspections and conversations
HSE observations
coverage of safety committees
Total Recordable Incident Frequency (TRIF) for own employees

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