Customer case:

Together for better performance at Valmet Roll Academy

May 18, 2020

Roll Academies gather people from the paper industry to learn from Valmet and one another. ITC Bhadrachalam gathered participants from their three mills to gain deeper insight to Valmet roll technology.

Valmet roll maintenance training .png
We have a three-decade partnership with Valmet, with dozens of machine replacements and some specialized maintenance audits. To keep pace with the growing market demands in India, we also need to enhance the knowledge and skills of our own maintenance managers.”
Makarand Barnanpurkar, VP mill operations of ITC



ITC Bhadrachalam, India


Customer target

The mill was keen to upgrade its performance and to enhance the knowledge and skills of their personnel.


Solution Three-day Roll Academy including several topics:



“It’s especially important for us to know how decisive the right roll materials are in decreasing downtime and increasing change intervals.” says Makarand Barnanpurkar.


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