Customer case:

High availability for twin wire presses at Metsä Board Joutseno BCTMP plant

Mar 3, 2021

The aim is to maintain high operational reliability and avoid unplanned roll changes in the middle of production. It was time to invest, not just in new technology, but in a partner who would share our reliability goals now – and in the future, says Juha Luukas, Production Manager at Joutseno. 

Our expectations of Valmet focus on the lifecycle management and availability of our twin wire presses"
Toni Tahvanainen, VP, Joutseno BCTMP


Location Metsä Board Joutseno BCTMP plant, Finland
Customer targets Eliminate roll damages, increase forming fabric life and ensure machines are running optimally and saving energy.

1. Roll service agreement

  • One partner in charge of service, storage and roll coating
  • In large shutdowns; taking care of planning, performing and making observations

2. Asset Manager

  • Asset Manager enables to monitor and share the running times, service histories and current locations of each roll

3. New press rolls to twin wire presses

  • New spare rolls that withstand plant’s thermo-chemical circumstances with stainless steel construction eliminating risk of roll damages during operation and providing longer roll life
  • Valmet Press Roll Cover PE replacing the previous roll covers
  • After 19 months, new twin wire press rolls are running just like they should – without any issues

  • Wire life is now 20 to 30 percent longer than with the previous rubber roll covers

Keywords Pulping and fiber references, Agreements, Board and paper, Improvements, Rolls, Europe, Industrial Internet
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Technical data

Grades: Bleached chemi-thermomechanical pulp
Production capacity: 330,000 tonnes a year
Valmet was chosen with performance goals in mind. Having one partner in charge of service, storage and roll coating makes our life easier.
Mika Nieminen, Operating Manager