Customer case:

QCS replacement boosts linerboard quality, productivity

If a new system can deliver a boost in quality and an increase in productivity or lower costs at the same time, it’s an ideal situation. That’s exactly what happened at Smurfit Kappa’s Ania board mill, when the mill replaced an aging system on BM3 with Valmet IQ.

Even moisture is so important and challenging nowadays, since new higher speed corrugating processes are more sensitive to moisture variation.”
Massimiliano Listi, Mill Director
Location Ponte all Ania, Italy
Customer challenge To improve CD moisture uniformity and increase sheet dryness.
Solution Valmet IQ scanner with basis weight and moisture sensors, Valmet IQ Steam Profiler, Valmet IQ Reporting graphical quality reporting package, microwave consistency transmitter

Production rates up by 4%. Improved moisture uniformity, CD moisture profiles have been improved by over 60%. MD variability improved by 50%. Additional 1 to 1.5% dryness from an existing shoe press. More precise control. 

Keywords Board and paper, Rebuilds and upgrades, Europe


* Metso until April 1, 2015.

Valmet IQ Profilers

Valmet IQ Profilers provide effective profile management for improved sheet uniformity, productivity, and runnability at all stages of the process.

Valmet Microwave Consistency Measurement

Valmet Microwave Consistency Measurement (Valmet MCA) measures total consistency of the pulp process stream independent of fiber length, freeness, wood species or blend. The measurement is not affected by flow rate, brightness or color and enables better control for more efficient production, improved quality and economic savings with fewer process upsets and less off grade product. Valmet MCA offers a wide consistency range (0-16 Cs%) for different applications in the pulp and paper industry. With low lifetime costs, the sensor is simple to install and requires no regular maintenance to keep commissioning and running costs to a minimum.