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Ajin P&P PM3 rebuild - Long-term collaboration brings success

Oct 28, 2021

In 2019, Ajin decided to rebuild its PM 3 paper machine to increase production and improve end-product quality and turned to Valmet to team up.

Ajin P&P PM3 rebuild
The performance of all the newly installed equipment has exceeded our expectations by far, especially the energy-saving capability of the Sleeve Roll. The unmanned bale measuring equipment is providing reliable information for inventory management. We are more than 100% satisfied."
Jin-Doo Kim, CEO, Ajin P&P


Location Daegu, South-Korea

The delivery for PM 3 included modifications to forming section. The existing fourdrinier forming section was be rebuilt into OptiFormer Hybrid by adding a top forming unit that utilizes a novel and innovative Sleeve roll technology. Because of the Sleeve roll, the top forming unit is vacuumless. This makes the technology especially suited for rebuilds as it enables unrivalled dewatering capacity and energy savings. The delivery also included Bale Tester equipment and OptiAir Recovery mist remediation. The rebuilt forming section was automated with Valmet DNA Machine Control System.


The collaboration has been very successful. “When choosing our suppliers, we value long-term and stable collaboration. Valmet is creating innovative technologies that adapt to the changing world. With them, we get superior manufacturing capabilities, the opportunity to improve our product performance and long-term competitiveness,” says Jin-Doo Kim.

Keywords Paper & board, containerboard, new technology, innovation, forming, corrugated board and packaging


Technical data

Grades Recycled fluting, corrucated board
Technical information The design speed of the machine is 1,300 m/min and the basis weight range is 90-300 g/m2.
Start-up 2021