Reference Training Simulator

Valmet Learning Services can now offer you a more cost-efficient simulator. Still delivered as high fidelity with calculations and equations describing the process, containing advanced tools for trends, exercise and disturbances creation.

  • Reference means that the training simulator is based and built according to a typical plant in boiler design and operating modes, and is thus not specified or tailored according to a customer’s own plant
  • Based on our simulator references, process knowledge and experience from our own boiler project and service deliveries, we can provide realistic behavior and simulation exercises
  • Available for Recovery boiler and CFB/BFB boiler
  • Practice procedures, scenarios and safety measures to be prepared for handling process disturbances and equipment failures and reduce the amount of unplanned outages and thereby save money.
  • Cloud delivery – for easy access and possibility to increase simulators over a training period.
  • Our Train-the-trainer course is always included; how to use the simulator and how to develop exercises, set up trends and add disturbances.
  • On-site training with Valmet Expert, explaining the process and operation while using the reference simulator as a dynamic training tool, can be added to the scope and is highly recommended for a better learning adaptation.

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Take a look inside Valmets Reference Training Simulators

Valmet RB Reference Simulator - Take a closer look inside our recovery boiler simulator

Valmet BFB Reference Simulator – Take a look inside our BFB boiler simulator