Advantage Creping

Advantage Creping – doctoring with higher potential  

Assure smooth operation through Valmet’s vast experience and first-class creping equipment. Advantage Creping allows high quality tissue manufacturing with safe and easy blade handling. 

Creping has a great impact on the end product quality and is one of the most important processes on a tissue machine. The creping process' result is what the end consumer sees and feels.  

Valmet offers creping solutions that assure smooth operation and high efficiency eliminate your potential process disturbances. Creping systems from Valmet use electrical and pneumatic oscillators and heavy-duty components for easy maintenance. 

Valmet's Yankee creping doctor system fits and is standard for all Valmet tissue machines. Due to modular design, it is also possible to add it as a rebuild kit. 

Quality that attracts  

Valmet has unbeatable experience in designing and manufacturing tissue machinery. We know the importance of efficient and high-quality creping. Based on this experience we have developed a creping unit that increases machine speed, is easy and safe to operate, has high runnability, and gives the tissue paper a creping quality that attracts the consumer in the store. 

Advantage Creping from Valmet makes it easy for you as a tissue maker to choose the best tools for efficient doctoring, optimized to fit to your specific process conditions. 

Main features 

  • Flexibility – doctor holder profiled to adapt on the Yankee curve 
  • Loading and unloading by pneumatic actuators 
  • Strength optimized doctor system prevents chatter 
  • Safe and easy blade handling 
  • Operator friendly 
  • Suitable for both steel and ceramic blades