Valmet Liquor Sprayer Station

High personnel safety and optimum spray capabilities

Our Liquor Sprayer Station is designed for safe and ergonomic working conditions, better combustion, and optimal operation. The design of the spraying station provides a good working environment and personnel safety. With our spraying station, elevation and angle of spray can be adjusted to achieve optimal black liquor firing and good cooling of the liquor nozzle.

Safe and efficient

Working close to the liquor gun opening can be hazardous. We have improved the working environment to simplify the job for the operators and to improve safety. The automatic cleaning of the nozzle and air opening not only increases safety for the operators, it makes removal of deposits noticeably more efficient, increases service life of nozzles and gives a uniform liquor distribution. The Liquor Sprayer Station is easy to operate, observe, and the remote angle adjustments allow fast operator response to changed conditions. 


The Liquor Sprayer Station will ensure performance, and the operators will have an excellent tool to control air supply and liquor distribution. The results will be improved boiler operations and less cost for spare parts. Our Liquor Sprayer Station has been delivered to 16 mills.