Improvements and upgrades

Valmet automation and service upgrades include smart lifecycle management for optimized TCO, automation updates and installations with complete start-up and process support as well as process improvements for the entire fiberline. We provide problem-solving support and investment planning for a number of different automation platforms, always according to customer need.

Pulp producers typically look for improved capacity and quality while maintaining or increasing competitiveness. With newest technologies, materials and designs, smart solutions and upgrades help customers reach these targets. Benefits include production, steam and energy cost savings, improved runnability, safety and higher availability of machine and automation equipments.

The PDU technology centers are located in Finland (Ulvila/Pori, Raisio and Jyväskylä) and are able to serve engineering, audits and specialists for entire pulp drying machine, as well as new solutions and equipments. From these locations, complete new pulp drying lines and equipment’s solutions and upgrades are delivered globally, wherever they are, moving our customers forward.


Wet end - Process and automation upgrades

Trim Eater

Energy saving product for wet end trim handling.

Wet End Tail Threading

At wet end during the years the tail threading from wire section through press section has been totally manual by machine operator. To make it happen at the same time ensuring high human safety, it has been a challenge.

Dilution Profile Control for Pulp Headboxes

A cost-effective way of modernizing an existing slice lip controlled headbox into a dilution controlled headbox.

Headbox Level Control System

Suitable for different types and sizes of headboxes.

Pressurized Felt Conditioning

Effective and energy saving felt dewatering solution.

Vacuum Optimization

Optimizing Pulp Drying machine wet end vacuum pump capacity.


Reduce sheet breaks at first nip.


Provides early warning of shoe press belt failure.


Dryer - Process and automation upgrades

Dryer Tail Threading

Tail threading from press section to dryer has been a challenge for operators and totally a matter of luck. Many attempts to get the successful one and still operators have to keep a close eye on safety.

OptiAir Recovery

Compact heat recovery improves the energy efficiency of air dryers.


Cutting - Process and automation upgrades

Cutter Tail Threading

Automatically transferring the tail from the dryer section’s pull stack to the cutter.

Cutter Layboy Adjustable Bearing Housings 

For quicker knife clearance adjustment during operation.

Cutter Layboy Belt Drives 

Belt transmission solutions for better production efficiency and increased environmental safety.

Cutter Divider Plates 

Pneumatically operated vertical movement divider plates for sheet edges with integrated wedges.

Cutter Layboy Feltless Sheet Transfer 

Non-felt transfer system, which consists of rolls, press wheels, support plates and a reject gate.

Cutter Layboy Press Wheels

Spring-loaded press wheels with cross beams (single or double) to guide the sheet flow at layboy and overlapping area.

Cutter condition test

A program for determining the condition of a Cutter.

Cutter Layboy Speed Overlapping System

Increases high-speed cutter layboy performance.

Cross Cutter

When production speeds are increased, the requirement for a 2-knife rotating roll is obvious. Replace the existing cutter cross cutting with a modern design.


Slab press - Process and automation upgrades

Slab Press Infeed Optimization

Increased production, reduce the occurrence of plugs.

Slab Press Infeed Motor

Increase your Slab press capacity with up to 20%.

Valve V5

Valve V5 has separate purification filters that protect the nozzles and can be exchanged without having to disassemble the valve.

PFC Tension Bars

To extend the frame’s service life, Valmet has produced a reinforcement kit that can be installed on existing presses.

Press Stamp and Mould Kit

Separately exchangeable cylinder tube design and modernized press moulds.

PAM/PFC Main Pump

New main pumps for slab and bale presses.

Bale/Slab Press Hose Upgrade

Rebuild kit for the replacement of thick-walled piping with hydraulic hoses.

Bale/Slab Press Hydraulic Unit Upgrade

Higher capcity and reliability.


Bale press - Process and automation upgrades

Bale Press Expander Pin

Permanent solution for pivot wear.

PR-15 Photocell

Maximizes production and minimizes stops and alarms.

Bale Press Belt Guide

For easier adjustment of the conveyor belt, belt guide equipment is available as an upgrade product.

Bale/Slab Press Cooler and Filter Kit

Rebuil of oil cooler/filter unit for bale and slab presses.

PrePress Cylinders Optimization

The new generation of cylinders has an entirely new sealing system.

Bale/Slab press Air filter

With a considerably larger area that results in improved filtration.


Wrapping machine - Process and automation upgrades

Upgrade Kit EAD

Valmet has developed an extensive upgrade package that has been successfully installed at some Scandinavian customers with great results.

Upgrade Kit EAC

Valmet offers a number of upgrade packages for EAC wrapper applying machines.

Upgrade Kit ERA

Valmet offers a numbers of upgrade package for ERA wrapping applying machines.


Tying machine - Process and automation upgrades

Integrated Wire Straightener

Valmet internal wire straightener that improves the wire positioning when applying to bale/unit/stack on Valmet Wire Tyers delivered year 2000 and forward.

Upgrade Kit BBA/BBC

Valmet offers a number of upgrade packages for tying and binding machines.

Upgrade Kit BBE

Valmet offers a number of upgrade packages that ensure more reliable operation of the Robotyer BBE.

Wire Dimension Rebuild

Complete kit for tying with wire of reduced dimension.

Feeding Wheel Upgrade

Improves accessibility for cleaning and reduces service costs.

Wire Groove Cleaning

Improves the feeder wheel function.


Folding machine - Process and automation upgrade

Upgrade Kit VKC

Upgrade packages that will ensure more reliable operation.