Filter fabrics for demanding filtration conditions

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Smart filtration solutions for demanding conditions

Valmet develops and manufactures filter fabrics for the mining, chemical, pulp and paper industries, as well as for energy production, waste processing plants, and the food manufacturing industry. As environmental legislation gets tighter and the requirements for filtering waste and sewage become higher, filter fabrics must be increasingly durable and reliable, with the ability to filter different types of sludge and various particle sizes.

Reliable performance

Clear filtrate

Excellent cake release

Dry cake

Filter fabrics for both wet and dry filtration

We are proud to manufacture the world’s best filter fabrics for demanding process conditions. With almost 60 years’ experience in process filtration, Valmet offers the most extensive range of high-quality filter fabrics on the market as well as technical support for optimal performance. Our filtration technology covers both wet and dry filtration products.
Valmet’s filter fabrics are available through a vast global service network on all continents.

Filter bags resulting clear filtrate and excellent cake release

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Filter bags resulting clear filtrate and excellent cake release

World-leading filtration expertise and R&D – on-site laboratory tests

Through its years of intensive research and partnership with our customers, other filter suppliers, research institutes and universities, Valmet owns extensive filtration process expertise and experience that cannot be imitated.
Our modern production facilities, latest manufacturing technology, patents and in-house R&D laboratories allow us to provide outstanding filtration results and innovative technical solutions. These include the world’s first RFID-based filter cloth recording system for preventive maintenance.
Valmet’s laboratory services also analyse raw materials and finished goods, including analysis of used fabrics, chemical analyses, and wear studies of fabrics, filters and dewatering elements. To optimize our customers’ process performance, we also offer a wide range of on-site laboratory tests that can be performed at site.

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