Improvements and upgrades

As a result of intense development efforts during the past years, Valmet offers the market a wide range of products for upgrading the performance of your Defibrator system.

Right technology for your needs

MDF producers typically look for improved capacity and quality while maintaining or increasing competitiveness. With newest technologies, materials and designs, smart automation upgrades and solutions help reach these targets. Benefits include production cost savings, improved runnability and higher availability of automation equipment.


Chip washing - Process and automation upgrades

Chip Washing

Improved chip washing concept

Chip Flume

Improved washing can be used to produce cleaner chips or to increase capacity.

Automation products for Defibrator system

Take control of your Defibrator

Defibrator systems - extended performance

Products and services that are currently available for Defibrator systems.



Defibrator system - Process and automation upgrades

High capacity water booster pump

A new pump with the same motor and connections in order to increase the flow from 91 l/h to 164 l/h.

Diverter Valve

The most price competitive diverter valve in the market.

Blow Valve ET

Wear resistant blow valve, increases service life and provides stable operation.

Preheater Upgrade

Upgrade kit that raises the preheater’s capacity by up to 30%.

Retention-time control in preheater

The position of the carriage in combination with the feed-through rate in the preheater automatically controls the retention time of the raw material.

High Performance Gear Box

Valmet offers an upgrade kit to replace existing agitator drives for preheaters.

Feeding Technology

Screw feeder technology that provides uniform feeding, optimized dewatering and reduced energy consumption.

Feed Screw LL

The geometry in combination with low friction in the long lasting material contributes to a lower energy consumption.

Tandem blow-back damper

Creates increased load on the blow-back damper for increased dewatering.

Dewatering Plug Pipe

A plug pipe that dewaters the raw material even more before it enters the preheater.

Mechanical Seals for Defibrator system

Highly specialized seals, custom made for optimum sealing performance.

Mechanical Seal for L42 - L46 Defibrators

Kit for conversion to a mechanical seal and an accessory sealing water system.

Bearing Unit Upgrade

Introducing a 4th bearing in the bearing unit reduces the load on all bearings significantly

Steam Cone

Even steam distribution and reduced bridging.

Refiner Hydraulic Unit

A complete unit that fits on existing refiners without any modifications.

Water Purifier

Less costs for maintenance and repair of the seal

Automation products for Defibrator system

Take control of your Defibrator

Refiner Control System Upgrade

Process Automation – Improvement products

Refiner Adjustment Device

This is an upgrade device that is more reliable and demands less maintenance.

Disc Gap Control

Safely control the refiner/ Defibrator from a remote control room.

TVD - Touch point vibration detector

Replaces the old SPM/TPM system.

CMS – Upgrade kit to electric stepping motor

Optimize your energy consumption and fiber quality.

Refiner Position Monitoring

Gives information about the axial position of the rotor or a stator on a refiner/Defibrator.


Steam Recovery - Process and automation upgrades

Steam Separator PV

Reduce the total fresh steam consumption in the system up to 50%.




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