Remuneration of the Executive Team

The Board’s Remuneration and HR Committee decides on the compensation and benefits of the other Executive Team members based on the President and CEO’s proposal and general principles approved by the Board.

The remuneration of the Executive Team members comprises a monthly total salary (including monthly salary and customary fringe benefits, such as a car and a mobile phone according to local market practice), a supplementary pension plan as well as both short- and long-term incentives.

Long-term incentive plan, Performance Share Plan 2021-2023

In December 2020, the Board of Directors of Valmet Oyj approved a long-term share-based incentive plan, the Performance Share Plan for Valmet's Executive Team members. The plan includes a three-year performance period parallel to a one-year performance period. Valmet's Board of Directors decides on the predefined performance measures and targets in the beginning of each performance period.

The potentially earned share reward represents a gross reward from which the applicable payroll tax is withheld, and the remaining net balance is paid to the key employee in shares.

Performance Share Plan 2021-2023

Performance period



Incentive based on

Reaching predefined strategic targets

Comparable EBITA as a percentage of net sales, and orders received growth (%) in the stable business (Services and Automation business lines)

Potential reward payment

Will be paid partly in Valmet shares and partly in cash in spring 2024

Will be paid partly in Valmet shares and partly in cash in spring 2022

Maximum reward opportunity

The fixed maximum number of shares calculated in the beginning of the performance period based on 130% of the average annual base salary of all members of the Executive Team excluding the President and CEO.

Restriction period


Two years


The Board of Directors of Valmet Oyj approved in December 2017 a share ownership recommendation for Valmet's Executive Team members. The Performance Share Plan include a recommendation for the members of Valmet's Executive Team to own and hold an amount of Company shares equaling to their gross annual base salary (100 percent ownership recommendation).

Short-term incentive

Performance period


Incentive based on

Company level and business specific financial and operational targets as well as strategic individual targets

Maximum reward

60% of base salary

Potential reward payment

Will be paid in March 2022

Other remuneration elements

Notice period for the Executive Team members is six months for both parties. If the company terminates the agreement, there is an additional severance pay equaling six times the last total monthly salary.

Additional pension benefit in the form of a defined contribution pension plan equaling 15-20% of base salary depending on role.

Remuneration in 2020


Fixed Annual Salary (incl. taxable benefits)

2019 short-term incentive payment

Share-based incentive payment

Supplementary pension

Total compensation

Executive Team,






Updated; Apr 26, 2021