Mili S.A. advances in new markets with the support of Constellation technology

Founded in the interior of Santa Catarina, in the municipality of Três Barras, Mili S.A.  today is a source of pride for Brazil. It is among the largest tissue paper manufacturers in Latin America, and one of the only factories in all of Latin America with an installed capacity reaching 200 thousand tons/year. “Today, we are proud to say that we have the largest paper conversion on a single site in Latin America,” said Valdemar Lissoni, President of Mili.

As the largest employer in a small municipality, Mili transformed the quality of life of Três Barras residents over the course of a few decades through the social impact on income, professionalization, and education. The company has already advanced its industrial park to the states of Paraná — where the headquarters is located, in the metropolitan region of Curitiba — and Alagoas. 

Successful strategic partnership

A true business transformation and promising future are based on strategic alliances that ensure maximum efficiency combined with sustainability and innovation. The 37-year partnership between Mili and Valmet is a testament to that fact, and the two companies are always ready to face the challenges of the coming decades, validated by a brilliant past.

"It is common knowledge within Mili that Valmet is the best technical and commercial partner throughout our history," explained Daniel Signori, Mili Technical Director. Currently, Mili has more than 20 conversion lines — all of them Valmet. They include a range of proven technologies, such as the Sincro, Mile, 4.5, Time, and the innovative Constellation™, along with Casmatic equipment for packaging.

Innovation and technology to reach new markets

Mili has a modern manufacturing park, and recently took it to the next level by including five Constellation S8 rewinders — the highest speed and performance rewinder in the world. “Buying the Constellation lines was based on our decision to compete in a premium market. However, there are also added benefits in terms of managing operating costs and the ease of line operation,” commented Signori.

Constellation — currently available in S6 and S8 versions (with speeds of 600 m/min and 800 m/min) — represents a revolution in achieving perfect rolls through advanced tissue paper conversion. Its sophisticated system combines central and surface control with four rollers and the renowned Italian Punzoncini technology to radically transform the winding concept. The result? Perfect rolls from the first to the last sheet and a final product with high bulk and added consumer appeal.

In addition, the Constellation line features the new Easy HMI panel with an intuitive, self-explanatory interface to facilitate machine handling even for less experienced operators. As such, Constellation technology ensures uniform rewinding, even at higher speeds, generating extremely soft rolls and with more volume.

“Based on Mili experience and testing, I can confidently say that the Constellation technology and operating differentials are the best options on the market when looking for versatile, efficient high technology” concluded Signori.

Constellation and other innovative Valmet technologies brought more efficiency and effectiveness to Mili, S.A. Contact us to learn how we can help you.