Start-up checklists help operators avoid missing machine settings

Jul 8, 2015

After a long machine outage, either planned or unplanned, the startup process can take several hours. Usually the longer the outage, the more machine settings, valve positions, shower pressures, etc. have been changed. During the startup process, it is critical that the operating crews get everything put back in the correct order and normal running conditions.

Start-up checklists can be tailored to major pieces of equipment or by crew member responsibilities. If possible, it should be programmed into the distributed control system (DCS) so crews can step through the process and start the operation from one screen. If it can't be programmed on the DCS, just a hard copy of the checklists will help new operators through startup without missing something. Junior crew members become more knowledgeable with their own responsibilities as well as those above them.

Benefits of a startup checklist

1. Nothing gets skipped. The checklist includes process checks that are not on the computer (check felt tensions and guiding, open certain valves, pressures, etc.).

2. A pre-startup checklist is done 1-2 hours before the official startup process (dryer can pressures, fans, fabric guiding, etc.) A startup checklist is also a good tool for communicating to all crew members and supervision where in the startup process the machine is at. Again, having such a checklist on the DCS allows all users to see where the startup process is from anywhere on the machine.

3. This type of checklist is a great tool for training new crew members in the startup sequence.

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