SymRoll recommended maintenance - End seals & roll overhauls

Jan 12, 2021

For troublefree function of SymRolls, the following are recommended maintenance procedures regarding the end roll seals and overhauls (complete or in regular operation).

Replacing roll end seals

The likely replacement interval for the face seal ring at the front end is 1.5 to 2.0 years. It is recommended to change the face seal rings at both ends at the same time.

It is recommended to change all O-rings at the roll head always when the head is opened. If the operation of the roll has been flawless, it is not advisable to disassemble the entire roll for maintenance, i.e. to extract the shaft from the shell. Some dirt always enters the roll when the roll is opened. It is therefore sufficient to uncover the roll heads for the seal change and bearing condition check.

Overhauls during regular operation


  • Monitoring of oil level in the tank, refill if necessary
  • Establishing the entire operation of the pressure system (required pressure gained with the given set values)
  • General inspection of the roll surface


  • Check filters and change when necessary


  • Lubrication of spherical plain bearing

Twice a year

  • System oil change

Complete overhaul of roll

Perform thorough inspection and maintenance at intervals of 2 to 3 years or when necessary:

  • Inspection and basic maintenance of all equipment in the pressure system.
  • Measurement of oil leak quantity
  • Inspection of axial seals; to be changed if necessary
  • Inspection of end sealing strips; to be changed if necessary (NOTE! Change all strips at a time as they form a fit entity).
  • Inspection of shaft sealing ring. In case the ring is worn out, it must be changed.
  • Replacing of O-rings.
  • Inspection of end sealing element and surface of the protective plastic plugs on the shaft. If the plug is worm below the dimensioned lower limit, it must be changed prior to the assembly.
  • Cleaning and inspection of roller bearings of the shell, (NOTE! Protect the bearings against dust and other dirt.). Cleaning with a suitable solvent (White Spirit, dilution etc.).
  • Lubrication of spherical plain bearings: lubrication via a nipple with plenty of grease. Water-resistant, anti-corrosive, lithium based lead greases containing EP and preferably also molybdenum sulphide as additives are best suited for this.
  • Cleaning of other roll components and general inspection

NOTE: After the roll has been taken into use, clean the filter after the first two operating hours and daily during the first operating week.

For more information on maintaining your rolls, contact your Valmet representative.