Reducing coater variability with a coater beam replacement

May 31, 2016

Many existing coater blade beams have MD and CD coat weight variability due to a variety of factors, including thermal instability, line pressure changes, worn parts, etc. Replacing the blade beam with a Valmet OptiCoat beam reduces variability and improves end product quality. This type of rebuild is possible on any OEM coater head. (The North American coating station shown in the photo was recently rebuilt with OptiCoat blade beam technology.)

Coater blade beam rebuilt with OptiCoat technology

Consistent high quality profiles

Your coating color application method remains the same. However, a higher quality coat weight result is achieved by using the OptiCoat metering blade which doctors excess coating and returns it to your machine tank. The desired coat weight is achieved by adjusting the angle or pressure of the blade. Blade coating gives the best possible surface smoothness of any coating method.

The OptiCoat blade beam replacement is a fairly simple rebuild with less cost and downtime to install as opposed to replacing the entire station. Positive feedback from paper mill production and maintenance personnel has shown that the new blade beam provides consistently excellent profiles.


  • Consistent, uniform blade beam movements
  • Coating head loads squarely
  • Line pressure variations do not affect MD coat weight (with hydraulic synchronization)
  • Lower risk of burning a blade
  • Longer blade life
  • Less off-quality paper on startup

Improved CD profile quality

Overall, the goal with all coating processes is to achieve the desired surface characteristics with uncompromising uniformity - day in, day out. The OptiCoat blade beam replacement provides excellent, stable profiles in a safe, easy-to-maintain operating environment. The needed scope of each project is assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Jagenberg coater rebuilt with OptiCoat blade beam

Example rebuild of Jagenberg coating head: If the applicator roll and frame structure are sufficient for the speeds run on your coater, only the metering part of the existing coating station needs rebuilding.

For more information about improving your coating process contact your Valmet representative or Pam Hynnek, Senior Product Manager, Coaters at Valmet (