Safety Tip: Chromium-free Yankee cylinder surface metallization

Jun 26, 2018

Valmet announces a major safety improvement – chromium-free Yankee cylinder surface metallization – called Infinikote-2.

For several years, the potential danger to people and the environment of hexavalent chromium while welding and thermal spraying chrome-bearing alloys has been accepted. Until recently chrome has been an essential part of all hard-wearing alloys applied to a Yankee cylinder surface during metallization.

Infinikote-2 Yankee surface metallizationFollowing several years of development Valmet has launched a product and application process for the metallization of Yankee cylinders that is 100% chrome free, Infinikote-2. There is absolutely zero generation of the potentially carcinogenic hexavalent chromium during application.

Infinikote-2 is currently running successfully in several applications on both wet and dry crepe machines. This unique Yankee metallization method fits mill HSE expectations and Valmet's internal drive to provide sustainable solutions to our partners. It provides the standard Infinikote benefits of a tougher and more wear resistant Yankee surface to prolong cylinder lifetime. In addition, Infinikote-2 reduces dust production and fumes during application and increases heat conductivity.

The flyer linked to HERE and in the Related Links column describes the coating and its benefits. Take a look, and then contact your Valmet representative to discuss how to improve your tissue drying operation in the safest possible manner.