Industrial Internet and agreements provide value, case studies

Apr 18, 2017

This article presents two case studies of Valmet using the Internet to provide remote support for mill operations. The concept of the Industrial Internet and remote solutions was also one of the topics highlighted in a Valmet webinar at PaperCon 2017. Paper and board makers view this free webinar by clicking HERE or on the link in the Related Links section.

Virtual connection and remote diagnosis add to Burgo mill results

Burgo Ardennes mill agreement requires constant monitoring and diagnosis.A Valmet bleach plant optimization project at Burgo's Ardennes kraft pulp mill in Belgium achieved the customer's expectations and a good ROI. However, this was not the end of the task to maintain and improve the results. The control performance has improved further under the watchful, remote surveillance of Valmet engineers. As an example, Valmet staff have diagnosed and corrected a temperature regulation problem. Valmet's solution reduced the chemical consumption.

Through daily and monthly reporting and proactive follow-up, control solutions continue over the long term. A Performance Service Agreement includes remote system and process monitoring though a data link to Valmet which includes refined key process indicators (KPIs) and performance triggers. As a result, the Burgo process is virtually 24/7 in Valmet offices where the process performance is analyzed and diagnosed and recommendations are made about how to correct a problem and improve the results of the controls. The bleaching process performance is monitored stage-by-stage and regular control performance reports are provided to the customer.

Eric Bazzoni, fiber line production manager, finds this a useful tool as it gives a concise report on key control objectives and uncovers any problems. Pierre Carnevali, projects manager, adds: "The reports tell us if we are in a good control range or not, and if we are consuming the right amount of chemicals."

Industrial internet supports process improvement at CMPC Guaíba

In 2013, when Valmet and CMPC signed a contract to supply the main technology to Line 2 at CMPC’s Guaíba Mill in Brazil, the delivery included a major part of automation systems for the plant operations, such as Distributed control systems (DCS), Operation training simulator (OTS) and Advanced process control (APC).

Valmet and CMPC crew discuss operation data.

Technical assistant Rafael Santos (on the right) and process service engineer Filipe Centenaro of Valmet viewing the operation data together with CMPC's machine crew.

Embedded in this supply, the Valmet delivery also included the ability to remotely access operation data, allowing process improvement and system check-outs even when Valmet crew are not physically at the mill.

"The remote access to the DCS and mill data must be agreed to in advance with the client due to security reasons, but it has shown to be a powerful tool to support customer operations whenever upset conditions take place. It allows us to provide fast support during the night or when the problem can't wait for a process engineer to travel to the site. It allows us also to analyze historical data to better understand the changes in process conditions over time and find ways to further improve the plant", says Dimas Rodrigues, Valmet's process manager.

For more information on how Valmet's Service Agreement and Industrial Internet solutions can benefit your mill operations, contact your Valmet representative.