Full Focus on Tissue at Faderco, Algeria

Nov 23, 2018

Faderco is an Algerian, family owned company and industry leading manufacturer of diapers, kitchen towel and other tissue products. It all started with cotton swabs and feminine care, which were the first activities launched in 1986. Faderco is today the national leader in feminine care with 14 products that ensure the daily comfort of almost 8,5 million women. In 2015 they produced their first jumbo roll with their new Advantage DCT machine from Valmet. The new tissue production line also included a Focus Rewinder. A few years later they saw a need to invest in a second rewinder to meet the demand from local converters with small reels. In October 2018 Faderco started to wind paper with a brand-new Focus Reelite T, Valmet’s new flexible rewinding solution.

To be able to meet our customers’ demand and avoid bottlenecks in our own production, we decided to invest in a rewinder dedicated to the converters with small reels. We were looking for a machine that is reliable and at the same time easy to operate and Valmet’s Reelite T turned out to be what we were aiming for”, says Rafik Khelifa, Production Manager at Faderco.



Reliability and technology are important for Faderco, but even more important elements are service and committed people, that is what adds value.

Faderco works according to three main principles; Safety, Quality and Productivity. The expectations on the new rewinder were high and the results have been promising.

“We consider the Focus Rewinder to be very safe to operate, it was built with high quality standards and its consistency ensures high productivity levels. The equipment has met all our expectations and the Valmet people have, since the beginning, been very open and professional. We have developed a very good cooperation throughout the whole project. The product manager from Pescia was highly committed and competent. His and the team’s attitude and skills guaranteed a smooth start-up” Mr. Khalifa continues.

Our customers expect us to provide very good tissue quality and that is also what we have seen from the first runs with the rewinder. We are very confident that the Focus Rewinders will help us reach our goals especially in a market of more than 42 million consumers.”

Fact box

  • Valmet F(O)CUS®* rewinders are available in three models
  • F(O)CUS Rewinder Reelite T – our innovative and scalable concept that allows for upgrading to comply with increasing market demands.
  • F(O)CUS Rewinder Reelite ENS – based on electromechanically actuated roll build-up, targeted for high precision rewinding.
  • F(O)CUS Rewinder Nonwoven - a new generation of high quality nonwovens winding systems based on high precision, product care and high efficiency which enables increased capacity.

(*) Registered trade mark in EU, US and Canada