Defibrator System EVO generation 2

Jun 8, 2020

Valmet has recently launched a new generation of the well-proven Defibrator System EVO. The aim of developing the second-generation has been to further strengthen Valmet’s lead in providing a Defibrator System EVO with the highest fiber quality and the lowest operating costs.

Our latest products for the second-generation Defibrator System EVO:

Optimized defibrator housing

The design of the housing has been enhanced to further improve the stability and parallelism of the defibrator. This will reduce specific energy consumption, improve fiber quality and shorten the bed-in time for the refiner segments.

Alignment device

A new alignment device for the rotor makes it very easy to adjust the alignment of the Defibrator. A correctly aligned defibrator is important to achieve the best performance and fiber quality from the machine. 

Improved feeding

New design of the chip bin and improved preheater steam control further improve the feeding, which is essential for the performance of the Defibrator System.

New Defibrator control system

  • More automatic functions
  • Remote connection to PLC and HMI that enables remote support by the Valmet specialists to ensure smooth running after commisioning
  • Well organized energy and production tables so the supervisors easy can follow the status of segments and energy costs every day
  • Possibility for on-line bearing and vibration monitoring with remote trouble shooting by Valmet
  • Made by standard components with software functions in the PLC which enables cheaper spare parts.

New design of plug feed screw for longer life-time

When feeding high abrasive materials, a low compression feed screw made in long-lasting material with new design of flights are available for ADI 420 & ADI 500. 

Preheater screw pipe with exchangeable wear bars

For longer life-time when feeding high abrasive materials, a screw pipe with exchangeable guide bars made of harder material is available for PVA 1600.

Screw feeder solid plug pipe with wear sleeve

When feeding high abrasive materials, a casted wear sleeve made of long-lasting material are available for ADI 420 and 500.

More environmental friendly system with less water consumption

Due to a new mechanical seals and a closed loop sealing water system the water consumption has been significantly reduced.

Other examples

Other to mentioning is an improved water panel and Valmet’s Industrial Internet Solutions.

Many of the improvements named above can also be adapted to the first generation of our Defibrator System EVO, as well as to the L and M/P-series and non-Valmet brands. Please contact your local Valmet office for further information.