Neles™ Q-Disc™ flow balancing trim for Neldisc™ butterfly valves

New, patent pending Q-Disc design features extreme flow balancing for control service. Dynamic torque effect from the flow has been significantly reduced allowing high pressure drop service. Design also provides market leading noise reduction even up to 12 dB.

Q-Disc design features

A simple but effective design enables balanced flow without affecting valve performance. The design is suitable for all available body types and face-to-face lengths and with a wide temperature range (up to +600 °C) which makes Q-Disc the most versatile flow balancer on the market.

• Next-generation flow balancing for high-performance butterfly valves
• Minimizes dynamic torque load in a superior manner
• Enhanced noise reduction capability
• Excellent control performance and high capacity
• Modular add-on for LW, LG and L6 Model D valves

Q-Disc design

Q disc designQ disc design 2Q disc design 3

Q-Disc is designed to balance the torque effect caused by the flow. In standard offset designs, flow causes dynamic torque effect caused by uneven pressure across the disc surface

With Q-Disc, the pressure is distributed more evenly resulting in lower torque requirement and more effective control of flow.

Technical specifications

Size range: DN 80 - 300 / 3" - 12"
Temperature range: upto + 600 °C
Pressure classes: PN 10 - 40 / ASME 150 - 300
Cv range: 196 - 5720