Neles™ pneumatic linear diaphragm actuator, series VD

Safe and reliable operation to suit for different kind of applications

Neles spring return VD series diaphragm type linear actuators are designed for use in both modulating control and on-off service. These actuators offer an extremely long cycle life and are well suited to operate linear valves with small to medium thrust requirements.

High control performance, low friction

Simple and cost effective design guarantee increased life time and reliability

Low cost, simple maintenance


  • Spring return diaphragm actuator for linear modulating control and on/off applications
  • Low friction diaphragm design provides precise control and reliable operation
  • Corrosion resistance coating against severe weather, chemical and petroleum environments
  • Field reversible for spring to open or close
  • Mechanical position limitation and easily accessible side hand wheel optional
  • Suitable for safety integrated systems up to and including SIL 3 in accordance with IEC 61508


Type: Pneumatic diaphragm actuator
Series: VD - linear single acting
Operating pressure: 3.0 - 4.2 bar /44 - 60 psi
Temperature range: -55 …+85 °C / -67 …+185 °F
Outout thrust: 1890 - 22800 N / 424 - 5125 lb.f
Spring range options:

General spring 0.8 bar - 2.6 bar (11 psi - 37 psi)

  Strong spring 1.5 bar - 3.4 bar (21 psi - 48 psi)