Valmet Dynamic Centerline Advisor

Valmet Dynamic Centerline Advisor is an advanced application for power plant performance analysis and maintenance issues detection. It compares the current power plant performance to the best performance derived from the operational history.

Valmet Dynamic Centerline enables you to understand how well your power plant is performing compared to the targets and how process variations affect to the performance. It helps you to detect process improvement potential and detect maintenance issues in early phase from process deviations. Expert support available through Valmet Performance Center.

Use case examples

There has been a challenge to operate in low load levels lately due to high NOx levels. Process analysis with Dynamic Centerline Advisor shows deviations in air ratio and ammonia slip. The air ratio correction factor is adjusted back to the centerline and ammonia nozzles are inspected for blockages.

The user gets a notification of flue gas system deviations. Valmet Performance Center supports in root cause analysis with Dynamic Centerline Advisor and suggest inspections to heat transfer surfaces.  



  • Increased process understanding
  • Faster recognition of process deviations
  • Faster problem solving trough root cause analysis
  • Improved process performance

Watch the video and see how the application works: