Valmet Doctor Blades

Economy range


Economy range doctor blades by Valmet are used in different sections of the paper, board and tissue machines. They are designed to meet today’s quality demands at competitive prices. The functional doctor blades are easy to maintain making them the most cost-effective doctor blades for all doctoring positions in the machine.



Durability range Valmet Doctor blades are for general purpose cleaning. They have long blade lifetime and high wear resistance due to strong chemical properties to effectively clean all doctoring positions in the machine.


Performance range


Performance range Valmet Doctor blades are specialized for cleaning high speed machine sections and reels. Superior features like low friction, high heat resistance or effective cleaning properties are incorporated in the blades to reach the targeted cleaning result.


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Previous air blades were expensive to operate to keep by the pneumatic system running


Replace old air blades and create a new cost-efficient solution to improve doctoring 


Removed air blade and disconnected pneumatic system. Installed Valmet Doctor Blade Dual, a high-performance and cost-efficient doctor blade 


Overall reduction of total doctoring costs up to 60,000 euros per year and providing optimal water removal and good cleaning results

Valmet Doctor Blade Dual




Did you know that the Valmet Doctor Blade Dual has two patented functions – as a doctor blade or as a foil?


Read more how these functions solve doctoring problems in challenging positions >

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