White water system

Increased capacity and filtrate quality

In designing white water systems, Valmet focuses on increasing operational capacity with accurate dimensioning and flow modeling to ensure the highest possible filtrate quality. Our latest solutions improve efficiency and reliability while simplifying maintenance and service procedures.

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Save-all application

High efficiency disc filter ensures lower fresh water consumption and lower chemical consumption. Valmet offers the widest, most versatile array of disc filter solutions for high throughput and increased stock consistencies.


Valmet's Ultrafiltration Process is a solution for paper, board and tissue mills to produce colloid-free, bacteria-free, ultrapure water from white water. Our modular, turnkey process is fully automatic and can be applied to most applications to reduce fresh water consumption, improve paper machine runnability, and manage energy.

Bow Screens

Valmet Pressure-fed and Gravity-fed Bow Screens are curved inclined screens that separate liquids and solids. Bow screens provide effective fiber recovery from white water, flexible thickening of low consistency stock streams, and more while discharging at two (2) to five (5) percent consistency.