Valmet Conical Refiner Conflo


Extended filling life

Improved quality

Superior performance

Valmet Conical Refiner Conflo

The Valmet Conical Refiner Conflo refiner's conical single gap design, featuring a wide range of filling patterns and accurate refiner gap control, enables papermakers to reach targeted paper quality.

Accurate refiner gap control

For the best refining result the most important requirement is to maintain precise control of the gap clearance combined with fillings tailored correctly to the stock. The Valmet Conical Refiner Conflo refiner features a cantilevered design with fixed stator and uniformly moving rotor, stable gap clearance is maintained by precise control technology. The flow pattern between the fillings ensures high fiber coverage across the bars due to applied centrifugal force.

Combined with the long refining zone, this provides a longer retention time for fibers between the fillings and optimizes fiber development. Stable operation and uniform refining results are ensured by the OptiFiner refiner design. Standard fillings of different coarseness meet the requirement for most typical short- and long-fiber refining applications, including recycled-fiber treatment.

The Valmet Conical Refiner Conflo design, featuring a wide range of filling patterns, enables papermakers to optimize the virgin or recycled fiber pulp properties to meet the desired final paper properties.

Pictured above: Valmet Refiner Segments - Micro bar

Solutions for peak performance refining

Valmet's refiner segments are known tools to improve production efficiency and precisely control pulp quality.

  • Valmet Refiner Segments - Micro bar for increased loadability and energy-efficiency
  • Valmet Refiner Segments - Maximum flow for increased hydraulic capacity
  • Valmet Refiner Segments - Attack bar for higher refining performan

Turbine Housing boosts refiner production With Turbine Housing you can:

  • save energy by eliminating one refiner, lowering rotation speed of lowering feed pump speed
  • gain 20-40% more production from your existing refiners
  • refiner more gently with a denser fillings pattern
  • extend the service life of the fillings by up to 25%