Studies for planning successful board and paper machine rebuilds

Rebuild studies for paper and board machines

Are you looking for the best way to upgrade or rebuild your machine line? Development plans require reliable studies to select the best concept for the purpose. Valmet’s rebuild studies provide deep insight into bottlenecks and capacities for a well-planned rebuild.


Studies for successful rebuilds help in:

  • Evaluating investment profitability
  • Planning long- and short-term development
  • Optimizing the scope of a machine rebuild

Debottlenecking for board and paper machines

Knowing exactly what limits the capacity of a board or paper machine and the most feasible solution for the purpose is the key to a successful improvement project. If necessary, Valmet’s experts can study the processes, structures and components of the entire machine line, from stock preparation to finishing. Studies for planning successful rebuilds consist of theoretical analyses, reviews and on-site measurements. They provide a justified basis for optimizing the scope of a machine rebuild, and they also propose cost-effective solutions for rebuilds.

Precise analytical findings help in decision-making

In the concept and capacity study, Valmet’s experts calculate capacities and carry out evaluations to detect production line bottlenecks and restrictions. The study includes alternative layout concepts and investment scenarios for increasing production capacity, complete with budget breakdowns.

A rebuild study ensures that your rebuild investment is cost-effective. In addition to the concept and capacity study, the rebuild study determines the dynamic behavior and mechanical condition of your machine and analyses its auxiliary systems. The benefits of the study include fewer unplanned shutdowns, increased efficiency and optimal end product quality.