Quality optimizations for better board and paper quality

Laboratory analyses and on-site optimizations for better quality

Laboratory analyses and on-site optimizations for better board and paper quality

Improved board and paper properties can mean furnish savings and better runnability. Valmet provides deep insight into improved formation, strength properties, profiles and machine cleanliness for optimal end product quality.


Studies improve board and paper quality

  • Quickly reveal the nature and origins of variations
  • Optimize your process for stable production and better quality
  • Analyze and benchmark data

Deep dive into paper quality

Paper sample analysis is a fast and effective way to investigate and optimize variations in board and paper quality in end products. Accurate laboratory measurements and on-line analyses as well as CD and MD variability are measured to reveal the likely causes of quality variations.

In addition to offering a good basis for evaluating overall production line performance, paper sample analysis provides troubleshooting for improved paper quality and machine runnability. Findings are benchmarked against our global database.

Optimal end product quality

Optimization trials feature test runs to find the optimal operating parameters for given paper or board properties. They can be carried out to improve formation, tensile properties, porosity, internal bonding strength, fiber orientation, two-sidedness and curl. The audit also offers procedures for troubleshooting and studying typical paper quality defects, such as streaks.