Production line audit for enhanced process performance in board and paper making

Studies and audits for improved process performance in paper and board machines

Suffering runnability problems? Experiencing paper quality disturbances or efficiency issues? Valmet can perform studies that greatly assist in problem-solving and identifying untapped potential to improve your process performance.

A production line audit determines the capabilities of your machinery’s production processes along with its weakest links, helping you to immediately improve runnability, efficiency and paper quality. The study identifies and classifies problems both known and unknown, after which a Valmet expert makes suggestions that are reviewed in close cooperation with the mill’s production personnel for increased efficiency and better runnability – without major investments.


A production line audit focuses on the following issues:

  • Helps in confirming realistic targets for machine line development
  • Identifies needs for runnability components
  • Improves runnability, paper quality and efficiency
  • Helps to find capabilities of existing concepts and weak points in production
  • Identifies disturbances in paper quality and the most critical problem areas affecting runnability
  • Implements immediate improvements in process parameters and operating procedures
  • Supports discussing different ways to operate
  • Offers hands-on training