OptiCart Stream gravity

Streamlined, gravity operated parent roll cart

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Gravity operated OptiCart Stream parent roll cart is the newest member in the OptiCart family. It has a semi-automated parent roll loading and unloading, removing the need for an overhead crane in these operations.

Easy and accurate to operate

Highly reliable

Safe to use

OptiCart Stream picks up the parent roll from the reel with transfer arms and transfers it to the wanted destination, either the winder, off-machine coater or off-machine calender. The unloading of the parent roll is done by gravity
The gravity operated OptiCart Stream parent roll cart is a cost-efficient solution for medium-width paper and board machines.

Easy and accurate to operate


Smooth driving is characteristics to the whole OptiCart parent roll cart family because of eight highly durable, heavy-duty wheels.
Automatic and accurate positioning is due to number of function. For one, OptiCart has controls on both frame and remote, and data cell for changing information. Frequency converter controlled gear motor and chain drive delivers an accurate drive mode. Additionally, all the movements electric and a positioning pin firmly positions the cart before loading or unloading the parent roll.

Loading to the cart is done by transfer arms. Unloading by of a full parent roll is done by gravity when lever mechanism is opened. This removes the need for an overhead crane with full parent rolls.

High reliability


OptiCart is fully pre-tested which ensures a ‘plug-and-play’ start up. OptiCart Stream is very steady construction-wise with its eight casted wheels. The rail with is optimized for stable but agile operation. The electricity feed is reliable even for long distances.


Safe to use


OptiCart Crane movements are controlled when moving between loading stations. There is no lifting of full parent rolls because of the loading and unloading system.
There are a number of safety features including safety bumpers, emergency trip wires, lever mechanisms, and safety colored areas. Cable groove ensures that electric cable stays unharmed. Loading and unloading will be started only when positioning pin is firmly in its counterpart.

OptiCart Stream, gravity operated parent roll carts are the newest members in the OptiCart family.

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