Valmet Sizer Consumables optimize your performance – available for all machines

Valmet sizer consumables for paper and board

Excellent film quality, profiles, runnability, productivity and product quality are predicated on the use of only durable high-precision rods, rod beds, sealing blades and related accessories for the surface sizing and film coating of paper or board.

Valmet's surface sizing and film coating consumables include:

  • Grooved and smooth applicator rods for the surface sizing and film coating of paper/ board on Valmet's and other manufacturers' sizers and coaters.
  • Smooth applicator rods with ultra-hard and durable ceramic coating for the film coating of paper / board on Valmet's and other manufacturers' sizers and coaters.
  • Polyurethane and UHMW-PE rod beds for OptiSizer, ValSizer, SymSizer and SymCoat units.
  • Rod beds for Beloit and other sizer brands.
  • Insert rod beds for Valmet's and other manufacturers' sizers and coaters.
  • Sealing blades for any process conditions.
  • Edge seals.
  • Edge wiper blades.
  • Rod drive components - Sizer RodDrive and RodDrive QL.
  • Loading hoses for rod loading.
  • Customized solutions.
  • Annual service contracts, flexible storage solutions and inventory programs.
  • Technical support, optimization of consumables and troubleshooting.
  • Operator training.

Key reasons to use original Valmet sizer consumables:

  • Experience and high quality: Valmet has a thorough understanding of the papermaking process, including surface sizing and film coating. Tens of thousands of rods, rod beds and sealing blades have been made for customers worldwide over more than 25 years. The use of proven production concepts, carefully selected raw materials and internally developed special manufacturing methods ensures the consistently high quality of all consumables.
  • Functionality and runnability: Thorough understanding of manufacturing technology and applicable process conditions.
  • Thorough process and engineering know-how: Valmet is able to optimize consumables for all types of machinery and applications.
  • Global and local customer support.
  • Continuous development: Surface sizing and film coating processes are tested on Valmet's pilot units. Separate units are also available for single component testing.
  • Effective logistics: Customers are served through an effective chain of logistics centers worldwide.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Cost-effectiveness is targeted in all materials, manufacturing methods and development projects.