Valmet's Global Loop Optimizer SaaS

Deliver safe, world-class PID loop tuning to every plant

Valmet’s Global Loop Optimizer SaaS (formerly Expertune) is a PID loop tuning software designed for companies with multiple production sites. It supports over 700 industrial controllers and brings consistency to tuning, across the entire enterprise.

PID tuning tutorial What is PID? Learn how PID controls work in real industrial control systems.

PID Tuning Tutorial click here

Global Loop Optimizer SaaS – simple, safe and easy to use


World-class controller tuning

  • Over 700 industrial controllers supported
  • Based on 30+ years of Expertune technology

Simple to use for newcomers

  • Works in AUTO or MANUAL modes
  • No math required
  • Drag-and-drop for graphical curve fitting
  • Point-and-click tuning
  • Built-in simulator to test tuning before you use it in the real plant
  • Automatically finds optimal P, I, D, and Filter values

Powerful features for more experienced users

  • Customize controller robustness
  • Support for cascade tuning
  • First-order, second-order, integral, and inverse response models supported
  • Simulate tuning with setpoint changes, disturbances, and noise response
  • Manually select your preferred tuning


  • Digital documentation (log book) of tuning event history
  • Keeps history of process models
  • Electronic log book for tuning results
  • Export data to Excel

Server-client architecture

  • Flexible data collection: on demand or continuous


Brings consistency to tuning, across the entire company

  • World-class, award-winning tuning approach
  • Choose tuning form simple drop-downs
  • The easy way to get the right tuning

Minimal training required

  • Built-in safety factors to ensure stable tuning
  • Choose the right tuning from a drop-down menu
  • No math required

Low risk to the control system

  • Manages communications load via simple on/off selections
  • Never permitted to download tuning from web browser
  • CyberSecurity features built in
  • Tuning is tested in simulation before you apply it

Simple to manage software

  • Thin client – Browser-based interface so everyone in your company can have access to world-class Expertune tuning from their desktop
  • No software to load on user machines
  • Single server-based license to manage
  • Runs in virtual environment
  • Scalable – For as many loops as you have in your company


  • Software as a Service pricing, no capital investment required