Advanced quality control for pulp drying

Valmet IQ Web Inspection System for dirt count

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The Valmet IQ Web Inspection System for dirt count uses unique high-power lighting and intelligent camera technology to detect dirt and shive defects that used to go unnoticed. ISO 5350-2 standard-based customizable classification and automated online analysis help you identify and resolve critical defects and ensure continuous online quality control.

100% inspection coverage without blind spots on real-time

State-of-the-art analysis algorithms are able to see the smallest dirt particles

All bales graded separately with bale specific dirt count indexes

Meet the demands of modern pulp drying

Sustainability and circular economies are driving rapid change in pulping technology, leaving a little room for error as operations are refined and accelerated. The Valmet IQ Web Inspection System for dirt count delivers an entirely new level of detailed data that you can use to identify and reduce the origins of defects, enabling high final product quality and profitability.

With the IQ WIS for dirt count, operators can quickly find and resolve specific quality problems that can impact production. With detailed, real-time data, the necessary changes in machine operations can be executed faster than ever before.

By monitoring dirt and shives on the mill's pulp drying, the system optimizes both end-product quality and line efficiency. Real-time dirt count data without blind spots in the control room helps operators react to process issues faster and more precisely than before.

Game-changing real-time insights into uniform quality

Highly sensitive and reliable defect analysis is now achievable with the Valmet IQ Web Inspection System for dirt count. The dirt count system utilizes ultra-fast industrial cameras with intelligent 8K dual-line TDI technology and powerful LED lighting for immediate, highly precise defect identification even at high line speeds.

Measuring results cover dirt mm2 / m2 and dirt mm2 / kg indexes for every bale online. They are visualized in a user-friendly and intuitive user interface and integrated into mill information systems for mill-level troubleshooting. In addition to a real-time defect map visualization, the IQ WIS for dirt count features defect trend and profile data, reel, and defect reports.


Online dirt data for process control

The Valmet IQ WIS for dirt count provides accurate, high-resolution data in real-time to the mill’s information and quality management system. Image analysis software with advanced detection algorithms detects and classifies even the smallest and weakest dirt specks and shives from the web. Continuous measurement with 100% inspection coverage detects high peaks from dirt MD distributions.

The online pulp dirt measurement which captures the entire production has set a new standard in the industry. Paper, Board, and tissue makers can now rely on quality data that is representative of 100% of the pulp used.