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Secured production line availability with Valmet service agreement

Aug 19, 2015

Sappi’s Kirkniemi mill extended its cooperation with Valmet to a service agreement covering various services and spare parts for all of their three papermaking lines. Especially the tail threading equipment maintenance needed the expertise skills that were not sufficiently available in-house.

Valmet’s Sappi Kirkniemi agreement

Valmet’s Sappi Kirkniemi frame agreement covers the following:


The agreement also covers refiner and deflaker shaft units and loading devices. Previously-stocked units are used as needed with Valmet purchasing exchanged units for later use. Valmet’s task is to keep the required number of parts in stock at all times. With 19 refiners and 5 deflakers to look after, mill inventory costs will be drastically reduced and the condition of replacement shaft units and loading devices is assured.


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At your service - Sappi Kirkniemi relies on Valmet for effective maintenance



*earlier known as FlexSeal
**earlier known as WinBelt belts

Service is done properly and as agreed with fixed pricing. This kind of service from Valmet is so effective it makes no sense for us to try to do it ourselves, and we are also confident that we are applying the latest technology."
Leo Järvenpää, Mill Maintenance Engineer at Sappi Kirkniemi


Location Kirkniemi, Finland
Customer target The primary goal of the project was to improve the operational reliability and safety of the tail threading process. Also opportunities for wear part inventory savings needed to be recognized.
Solution A service agreement covering audit and maintenance plan on all three machines, emergency service with short response times and availability of spare parts. Also the availability of the automated tail threading equipment was guaranteed.
Results The agreement allowed the mill to plan better and reduced maintenance shutdown surprises. Considerable inventory savings were gained as the mill-owned stock of spare and replacements parts was reduced and provided from Valmet’s nearby warehouse.
Keywords Board and paper, Europe, Improvements, Maintenance, Spare and wear parts