Customer case:

Papelera Ecker now has eyes into the machine

May 19, 2016

Papelera Ecker is a small integrated paper mill producing 100% recycled paper. Production concentrates on packaging papers including white and brown liner, and fluting medium, from recycled paper pulped onsite. The mill, originally built in 1967, has seen many improvements since the Garcia family took it over in 1993. One of these was the Valmet IQ quality control system (QCS) supplied by Valmet in August 2013. Valmet IQ replaced a competitor’s QCS which, although only a few years old, was not providing the measurement accuracy that the mill needed for the production of quality packaging paper.

Papelera Ecker now has eyes into the machine
Our confidence with the basis weight and moisture is 100%, which means we now run the machine completely differently. Now with Valmet we have complete trust in the measurement and that has meant an improvement in production rate of about 5% with better quality as well. Whenever we check the scanned measurements with the laboratory they are spot on. We are now more efficient with our existing papermaking equipment and can concentrate on making paper. I can honestly say that I got more than I expected.”
Carlos Garcia, Technical Manager


Location Valencia, Spain

Existing QCS did not provide needed measurement accuracy.

Poor confidence with existing basis weight and moisture control.

Solution Valmet IQ quality control system, new scanner and basis weight and moisture sensors

Operators now trust the QCS

5% production rate increase

Better moisture profiles

Keywords Automation, Improvements, Europe