Customer case:

New QCS in Mänttä performs from day one

With the introduction of a new QCS (Quality Control System) platform just months away, Valmet chose a challenging location for the first pilot system at Metsä Tissue in Mänttä. The machine was PM7, producing cooking and baking paper and there were just two days to remove the old QCS scanner and install the new Valmet IQ before the machine went back to full production.

There were only a few centimeters to spare when installing the new scanner but everything went amazingly well and we kept the schedule. The new scanner and measurements operated right from the word go and we were back in production.”
Jyrki Pekkala, Mill Maintenance Manager
Location Mänttä, central Finland
Customer challenge

Replacement of the old scanner, dating back to the early 1990’s, had become necessary with components reaching end of life and performance no longer meeting Metsä Tissue’s exacting requirements.

Silicone dust.

Solution Valmet IQ Scanner  with caliper, moisture and basis weight sensors

More accurate and dependable measurements.

Easier cleaning and much faster and more effective visual inspection of the sensors than earlier.

Keywords Board and paper, Automation, Rebuilds and upgrades, Europe

Valmet IQ Scanners

Valmet IQ Scanner is designed to produce accurate and stable sheet quality measurements in the hot, humid and dusty environment of a paper machine.

Valmet IQ Measurements

Measurements, part of the Valmet IQ quality control family, are essential tools for production cost reduction, improving quality and efficiency.